The man who saved scent

We are delighted to share with you the news that FREDERIC MALLE is now available at POP.

Those of you already familiar with the brand will know how incredible & diverse a range it is, and for those of you who don’t know it yet then come with us and we’ll take you on a fabulously fragrant journey into the world of FREDERIC MALLE.

FREDERIC MALLE introduced Editions de Parfums in 2000, a completely novel concept whereby the world’s greatest noses composed exclusive, creative fragrances to be sold under their names. In an era in which most companies value intensely marketed brand names, Malle draws attention back to the product itself: namely perfume. Through a simple “back to basics” approach, Editions de Parfums is challenging all prevailing trends.

Previously this exquisite brand was exclusive to Liberty in London & so we’re incredibly proud to be bringing it to Cheshire & the North of England.

Editions de Parfums are considered the most original and luxurious fragrances on the market, a direct link between the best perfumers in the world and the most discerning clientele.

So much so that Vogue magazine recently named Frédéric Malle, the man who saved scent!

Welcome to Pulse of Perfumery

Pulse of Perfumery is a centre of excellence for perfume where we take time to understand what each of our customers are looking for so we can help them to choose the perfect perfume.

From our boutique in Knutsford we offer a mixture of artisan brands and traditional perfumes as well as additional services such as bottle engraving, private consultations, perfume parties and bespoke corporate events. Recently noted as a top 5 scent destination in the UK by The Telegraph

Through our website we aim to provide you with a similar experience. A environment which you can visit & learn about the latest fragrances, learn what’s new in the world of fragrance and receive advice & recommendations without the pressure of purchasing a single thing.

Pulse of Perfumery – Delivering the exclusive art of fragrance

A taste of Italy in Knutsford

Exclusive UK launch for Pulse of Perfumery as Enzo Galardi launches Olfattology 

An incredible evening of all things Italian was celebrated in Knutsford last night when Enzo Galardi, a master perfumer recognised as one of the top ‘noses’ in the world of fragrance, arrived to launch his new range of fragrances exclusively at Pulse of Perfumery.

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Enzo Galardi, founder of perfume brand Bois 1920 flew in from Florence especially to mark the occasion and spoke at the Senso d’Italia event last night.

Talking about his new range Olfattology, Enzo explained ‘Olfattolgy celebrates the vital force of water, we are all like rivers that run unbridled to the sea, energetically overcoming any obstacles.’

The range which includes six perfumes named after rivers around the world also includes 2 additional scents OT.23 & OT.11 which celebrate two important moments in the life of the creator. When asked about these moments Enzo simply replied ‘I’m a private person so I will leave that to the imagination of those using the scent’.

The launch was celebrated at Vermilion Studios, owned by renowned artist James Blinkhorn. As well as the fragrance, the Italian theme was continued with fine Italian wines served by sommeliers from Corks Out Knutsford, Don Giovanni’s created Italian canapés and all attending were able to view Italian inspired art on display. Guests were even serenaded by Wayne Farrow, an incredible vocalist who also recently appeared at the Irlam Family Polo Event.

Commenting on the event Peter Murray, owner of Pulse of Perfumery said ‘I have long been an admirer of Enzo and the BOIS 1920 fragrances, even travelling to Florence several years ago to meet him in person. Since then our relationship has grown and I’m incredibly proud & honoured that Enzo has not only chosen to launch this range exclusively at POP, but that he’s flown over especially to be here. ‘

When asked about his hometown of Florence Enzo said ‘In Florence people will walk around with their eyes up, looking at all the architecture & in Knutsford people do exactly the same! I hope to come back again very soon.

All 8 fragrances from Olfattology , along with the wider BOIS 1920 range, are available at Pulse of Perfumery, Knutsford. Please call 01565 755650 for details.